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About L.O.F 

L.O.F stands for Leap of faith. A leap towards self discovery and  healing can evoke a number of emotions and bring attention to the infamous what if question? At times that question inspires us and others it can become a crippling one. What if it's not the right timing?, What if it doesn't work out? The mantra of L.O.F is a self evident one. You must simply take the leap; the answer is in the journey, not the destination.

As a Black, Queer and Gender non conforming person I understand firsthand the nuanced intersections of varied identities. I have made it L.O.F’s mission to support Black, Brown and POC communities on issues regarding sex relations,  Trauma, Oppression, Deepening spiritual relations, Sex industry and Fostering safety. My commitment is to approach my work in a non discriminatory, non shaming and non stigmatizing fashion. 


Theoretical Interventions have historically addressed the concerns of Black,Brown and POC within an Eurocentric and Heteronormative framework.  Historically therapy has been based on a European construct of theoretical orientations. Although I pull from evidenced based treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I do not honor this approach as a centerpiece to my work. I welcome what western society deems as unconventional approaches into our therapeutic dance. I have encouraged my participants to incorporate practices that affirms them and their treatment. My participants from various race, culture and ethnic identities have  brought cultural practices ranging from ceremony, prayer,  spirituality, mystic and gender expression play (reference services). 


Cultured centered therapy allows for the clinician to examine contextual factors that impact social-cultural conditions. L.O.F is committed to assessing how the unconscious influences self-awareness, sense of self actualization and meaning making. Your own values-based systems, unique needs and wholeview  experiences  are welcomed into the therapeutic frame as pinnacles that will aid you into wellness and recovery. Although therapy is not a guaranteed cure, we can journey together to find interventions that may offer you a sense of reprieve. 


Further reference to Culture Centered Therapy. 

Richmond Wynn & Cirecie West-Olatunji (2009) Use of Culture-Centered Counseling Theory with Ethnically Diverse LGBT Clients, Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 3:3-4, 198-214, DOI: 10.1080/15538600903317218  

Image by Jad Limcaco
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